It starte as a game. Bradley was often ridiculed for his red hair, freckles, and pimples. It caused a lot of pain and sorrow to

Bradley and he walked around with a feeling of worthlessness. Every time he tried to join himself and save his three classmates, Jacob, Steven, and Kris. Bradley stayed calm.. That made three rascals angrier. Whenever there was gossip about him, he was scolded for his appearance and publicly embarrassed in front of all the students on the playground etc. Dervinna his classmate did not take this song she pitied Bradley and was always keeping him company. Until she suddenly fell in love, and that caused even more problems . . . Jacob was in love with Dervinna. He felt butterfl ies in his stomach, his heart began to beat quickly, until he got tears in his eyes and he could not stop. From the moment Jacob saw Dervinna he thought she belonged to him, until she was taken away by Bradley. Jacob could not bear that Dervinna was constantly with Bradley. He became frustrated and aggressive until he came to a decision to avenge him. As a punishment, or ‘learning lesson’ . . . it got out of hand. Suddenly everything changed. The bullied Bradley became a super hero and he had self-confi dence. Bradely closed himself off the world. But he wanted to prove himself, and not resort to fl ight but to go on challenge. Is there a family connection between Bradley and Jacob? Discover in Bugman X part two . . . Bugman X Bullies never have it right! But if you have been bullied and have survived it, it will give you benefi ts and self-confi dence. Believe in yourself and keep believing! I was born without asking and will die without wanting. I am who I am and not whom others want me to be.